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thanks OerHeks, :D Knight80, but the ubuntu version is not installed, what do you see when you run that script? OerHeks no, I just want to know if you are using a software that does that, and if not, do you know one that does that? OerHeks, it only does that, but I want to know if you are using that. 16.04.1 installs fine on a hp spectre n56vm Knight80, apt-cache policy linux-firmware-nonfree gives no result. Knight80, not that i know, you are safe to proceed. OerHeks cool, thanks :) is installed on 16.04 jatt, thanks :) so i'm running 16.10 and i'm running'systemd-analyze critical-chain' and i have nothing listed for 5 mins after login. is there some debug i can run? arooni: it's probably not running on a 5 minute critical arooni: does it start before the window manager is running (logs in) ikonia: it starts before login what do you mean, starts "before login" it starts as the machine boots ikonia: that is true, just didnt expect it to say nothing after login arooni: it will say nothing, or it will error arooni: you've not configured it to print the debug arooni: it should be working ikonia: i just said it doesnt print anything after login. i guess it just doesnt print anything and instead writes to a file? a





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